Thursday, 24 May 2018

Doodle and Me

Doodle and me go back a long way. I am guessing it is something we all did as school students. Yes those designs in the margins of the notebook during class is what I am referring to. A continuous pattern or scribbling our own names or artistic representation of some letters. Yes those exact things that filled the margins of our book and for which we got flak from both parents and teachers.

Now years later I saw my son’s books filled with these scribbles and ofcourse I gave him a piece of my mind. But was reminded of my own school days. So essentially all children do this. Yes I learn a lot from my prodigy [whether I like it or not is irrelevant].

Friday, 27 January 2017

Nine points to stay motivated and positive

 Have you experienced days where you wake up groggy and grumpy and feel generally lost? Yes I have seen such days and mind you, many such days. Nothing feels right, everything seems out of control and generally everything is overwhelming. The worst is I feel sapped of positivity, creative energy and inspiration etc.

The momentum needs to come from within. Yes motivation isn’t out there. No person or place can motivate you. You need to do it for yourself.

So I thought of writing few points to stay up and about and put together at most times. Here’s what can be done:

Friday, 30 December 2016

Ten tips for a well organised and decluttered house

Having a mess free, well organised house is an ever elusive dream for many. It is that coveted position that many can’t really reach. To add to the chaos there are endless videos on: My daily cleaning routine, 30 ideas to a well organised kitchen, Cleaning hacks etc..

Now these videos raise the bar so high that it puts many on a guilt trip. Hence I thought of writing a blog doing a reality check. The fact that you are even reading this article means there are chances that you are either grappling with organising your home or are looking for some motivation to do so.

1.   Set realistic goals:
Please do not set your standard so high that they cannot be met. A lot depends on which your life cycle, routine, responsibilities and the actual time spent in your house. If you have toddlers and babies in the house, your priority is to ensure they are safe, well fed and looked after and NOT really having a well organised house. If you spend several hours out of the house I wonder how much time can be dedicated in organisation/cleaning etc. If you have all grown up in the house and well abiding to a routine then perhaps you have a higher chance of having a neat, clean and well organised house.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

School tiffin ideas

Cooking is an art and school tiffin in that gamut is a challenge to say the least. So many things come into play e.g.: The choice of menu, presentation, taste, nutritional value, palatable after about 4/5 hours of cooking etc.

Some children just do not eat home cooked food. They thrive on junk. While I do not have such a problem, my challenge is how NOT to repeat a menu. And that is a pressure created by my own self :)

Presenting a week's school tiffin ideas.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Diwali rangoli ideas

Diwali is just round the corner. You have hardly any time left to scout for Diwali designs and materials. 

I have compiled herein a few my rangoli designs from past Diwali seasons. Do let me know if you liked the designs.